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because you don't know how many lives you'll affect if you don't. >> reporter: neighbors say the lack of a turn signal here puts drivers and pedestrians in the same dangerous space. now instead of planning for the holidays, elijah's family is planning a funeral. >>> of >> we checked the number -- >> we checked the number of pedestrian deaths in the area and found the number is the average from 2005 to 2012 is just over 13. >>> the wife of the palo alto man held in north korea made a public plea today for his release. lee newman said she is respectfully asking north korea to free her husband merrill. >> we're looking forward as a family to being together on thanksgiving and we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for the holidays. >> 85-year-old merrill newman was taken off his plane about a month ago just before it was set to take off. his family has sent his heart medication through diplomatic channels and are hoping it gets to him. newman was reportedly questioned about his service in the korean war the night before he was detained. >>> a man who was moving an excavato
but she has significant injuries, she's at a local hospital. they don't believe this was a random attack. they don't believe the public is at risk. >>> now to our coverage of the strong winds in the bay area, and those winds have left some without power for a second night. the strongest winds have passed but the warning remain. bill martin is tracking the conditions that prompted the warning. a neighborhood in oakland is still in the dark after a tree fell on it. >> and they are a few hours away from the power being restored. there's a dangling power line that needs repaired. the lights have been coming on slowly. >> sounds of celebration as power returns in pockets of the east bay where it's been a long wait. >> i made locks yesterday. perishable food getting warm, frozen foot getting ruined as utility crews couldn'ty where -- everywhere. it was like the calvary came in. an army might attack the mess that blew down owe e night. windshields shattered and the noise. you could hear the cracks, the creaking, the tree, the trees, there was so much wind. everything was making noise. saunders
man said he had been delayed for hours others were just fed up. >> i don't think frustrated would be the word to use right now. >> i've been out here at least a good 50 minutes. it's definitely frustrating. >> i was on the train. had to get off the train. i've been waiting for the next train. >> reporter: service was restored at 7:00 but passengers said the trains were still too crowded to board. a train operator heading in the opposite direction noticed electrical arching and called in the problem. later tonight at 10:30, trouble for travelers. we're pinpointing a massive storm that's expected to cause big problems at mayor airports tomorrow. >>> a police investigation goes online and uncovers something unexpected. a suspected internet predator is in custody and his computers are confiscated. heather holmes live in martinez with the tip that caught the man. >> reporter: a connection that started on craigslist. while conducts an online investigation into another crime, detectives in martinez came upon something disturbing an ad on craigslist, soliciting sex with a girl of any age
their trucks. many of them will be forced out of business if they don't receive more compensation to pay for the added cost. supporters of the new regulations say the drivers were given plenty of advanced warning. >>> east bay native accomplished something very few people would think of doing, he scaled yosemite easel captain. what makes his story -- el captain. what makes his story more remarkable is he has cerebral palsy. >> reporter: he admits he may seem like someone who needs a lot of help. >> 9% of -- 99% of society think i need help and i beg to differ. >> reporter: in fact it is easy to see the wheelchair bound native, has always done what he has set his mind to. he graduated from uc davis, married with two great kids and started his own foundation >> i don't let anything stop me from doing anything. >> reporter: in 2008 he set his mind to something that seems absurd. he decided to climb the 2200- foot route up el captain in yosemite and make a movie about the journey. he was never a climber, he has a fear of heights and yes, he has cerebral palsy. >> it is insane. >> reporter:
, and will be issuing citations to those who don't buckle up. >>> travelers and airports both braced for the worse, but today's storm ended up moving through quickly. and that helped to somewhat minimize the problem. a wet snow fell in buffalo, new york. the city ended up getting about 3 inches overnight. rain, or snow fell from the appalachians to the mid- atlantic states to new england. in all, the storm led to the cancelation of about 500 flights. another 4,000 flights were delayed today. the three airports that were hit the hardest were newark, philadelphia, and laguardia in new york. >>> flights from the bay area to destinations back east are getting back on track tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen spent the day at san francisco international, and found it was actually a much better day for travelers who were coming here for thanksgiving. >> reporter: a homecoming, two months in the making on the day of thanksgiving. he welcomed home his wife and daughter, myra who had been visiting friends and family in india. the timing couldn't be better. >> she was away from me for the first time since she wa
, whether they are in the shelter. we don't know. >> this is my father and this is my mother of. >> reporter: leslie cocila of burlingame tells me her father of the navy went back to his birthplace to serve as mayor. >> he was giving back. i'm just hoping he'll be fine and my mother as well. >> reporter: she's been trying to reach her parents since yesterday morning. she says the town doesn't have the infrastructure to withstand a disaster. >> where people live, it's made of straw and flimsy wood. it's on stilts. it's not secure to the ground. >> let us pray of. >> reporter: father ed dura says he's fortunate he was able to reach his sister by phone. >> when i was talking over the phone, i could hear over the phone the howling of the wind. >> reporter: father dura said he's worked in the area devastated by the typhoon and that this disaster coming on the heels of an earthquake last month only adds to the hardship of the people. >> we're just trying to hold it together until we get more information. >> reporter: back here at el torada organizers are asking of donations of at least $5 per
daughter may try again in another bay area campus. >> i don't want any parent to feel the way i felt that day when i got that phone call. >> reporter: i learned tonight that school resource officers in the near by richmond police department have been notified about this incident. and frank and julie they tell me they will be keeping a close eye on campuses in that city as well. reporting live tonight here in el sebrante, i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. >>> new video tonight of a shooting in vallejo that left a man suffering life threatening injuries. vallejo police say they were called to a motel 6 on fair mount drive. the call came in as shots fired and a man down. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital suffering from multiple gunshot gunshot wound. police say it is early in their investigation and they don't have a reason for why shots were fired. >>> and police in richmond say they arrested a wanted gang member after she crashed his car at sixth and mcdonald at about 3:45 this afternoon. the three people in the other car were taken to the hospital. one in critical condition.
victimized by random strangers who don't care. >> reporter: deng says the two women now charged in the case are accused of stealing the identities of more than 100 people, including 35 patients from alta bates. most patients reported new credit cards being opened in their names, or a current credit card used illegally. authorities also found a payroll sheet from aver media technologies in fremont. a spokesperson told us, they took matters such as this seriously and are working with law enforcement to see what happened. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. prosecutors identify their suspects as 37-year-old salina soriano of san jose, and 36- year-old regina palacios. both are due in court later this month. if convicted, they face eight years in prison. >>> new video tonight of a truck that crashed into a home in oakland. it happened about 6:00 tonight. people who live at seminary and overdale avenues say there have been several crashes at that intersection which is right off interstate 580. the driver of the truck tonight hit another car before crashing into the home. t
. so they want to put him in a mass grave and my cousin doesn't want to. i don't blame her because that's her dad. that's my uncle. you don't want him to be buried like that. >> reporter: the philippines president had a message, stay calm, keep prays and stay united. >> the storm has moved through vietnam and into china. what's the status there? >> reporter: it hit vietnam with half the wind speed as in the philippines. still it hit china with 60-mile an hour winds, it's now a tropical storm. $60million of damage has been done. a cargo ship was ripped from its mourings and sent out to sea. >>> in san francisco on this veteran's day,filipino veterans collected money and supplies. several local charities are also collecting money and other items. philippine airlines said today that it would ship those items to the disaster area free of charge. >> we're hoping to do that by the end of the week but at the rate this is coming the goods are coming it looks like we might be able to do that sooner. >> reporter: there are an estimated 640,000 people of filipino decent that live here in the area.
punched another. i don't think the victim threw any punches. >> reporter: the other cal bears player has not been identified. hale has not played in a game this season. >>> it is election day and parts of the bay area you can see local results at the bottom of your screen. this is an off year election and some cities and counties have no issues on the ballot. one exception is san francisco where proposition b could allow a developer to build luxury condos at the foot of washington street. nearly all returns are in and it is losing 38% in favor of the project. 52% opposed. a companion measure prop c would weigh tight limit. for more now we go to amber lee. she is live at the election party for the yes on b campaign. and amber it appears they have lost. >> reporter: that's right, we're just outside cuqueta restaurant where prop b supporters are holding their party. you can see the mood is somber. >> they ran a very smart campaign. what i guess maybe we didn't anticipate is how the discussion about the issues of a project of about a specific sight somehow became something larger about the s
. the driver died. investigators still don't know what caused her to lose control of the car. >>> 2 investigates tonight drivers crossing bay area bridges for free, it's a multi- million dollar problem we first exposed last week. tonight we obtained new data showing the loophole is big are and costlier. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live right now with how toll takers there allowed even more people to get a free ride. >> reporter: this loophole has existed for years and i've learned it's getting bigger. under the freedom of information act i obtained data from the golden gate district that shows just how many are crossing this toll plaza for free. it's $6, five if you have fastrak, the toll that every noncommercial driver is supposed to pay when they drive across the golden gate bridge, but our investigation and our cameras have found that drivers with no license plates or with those ununtraceable cardboard dealer plates can drive through without paying. >> i think that's pretty unfair because i pay tolls every time i go across. >> everyone should pay their fair share. >> reporter: the
don't give us the cash or the stuff, they were going to take one of us. >> reporter: they are going to take one of the kids. you or your sister. >> yeah. >> they said that? >> yeah. they were going to take one of us. and she was scared. >> reporter: their dad was at work at the time. now he's put new locks. the family lost an air soft gun that belonged to pedro. the three men got away in a white four door sedan. deborah villalon, ktvu news. >>> we have new details tonight about an 11th hour glitch that's threatening to derail the tentative contract between b.a.r.t. and its unions. this time it's b.a.r.t. management that is balking. they say the printed contract contains a mistake. jana katsuyama spoke to a union member and, could this backtrack the agreement. >> reporter: i did get a copy of the tentative agreement. i looked and found the section that says issue. you see here it was signed by all parties. tentative agreement between b.a.r.t. and the sciu union were signed last month. but today ktvu has learned b.a.r.t.'s general manager grace crunican called a meeting with the union
agrees with that move. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things, you know. especially when they are teenagers. >> sasha and that family are an incredible family. >> a group to educate school kids about gender identity variation. >> the lesson of this tragedy is that we have a long way to go as a society to make room for people to simply be themselves. >> sasha plans to return to school next week. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the attorney for 16-year-old richard thomas filed a motion earlier this week to move the case to juvenile court. the attorney says thomas did not think sasha would be hurt and remorseful about what happened. thomas is due back in court on december 20th. >> celebrating thanksgiving, christmas and new year's all in one night. >> preparing for the unknown. preparing for those difficult times. >> we spent thanksgiving with an army staff sergeant as he and his family prepare for deployment to afghanistan. >> walked away after plunging several hundred feet. what authorities say probably saved their lives. >> plus, a once in a get in the bag, get
was familiar of the project since he was a mayor. >> as a former mayor, i don't think it's right to pull up the rug from a process that was open, that was inclusive. >> lower facing on the embarcadero. >> reporter: a spokesman for yes on b showed us this model of the residential building also known as eight washington. newsom said it won proposal eight years ago. newsom says another high rise will take away life. >> this playground has almost never sunlight, it's always dark and gray and always against a huge buildings. i don't like they put new buildings here. >> reporter: but supporters say prop b will provide more open space including another playground and open up streets that currently are closed to water access. >> reporter: michelle myers with the sierra club opposing prop b she says it opened the door to five other development projects proposed. newsom says it's time to welcome change that he says will improve the waterfront. >> this was a site that wasn't supposed to look like this in perpetuity. >> reporter: both the yes and no on prop b campaigns plan to hold last minute get out
don't think there was ever anybody that came and said, hey, there is a dead body. >> reporter: today state investigators interviewed the deputies about what happened. stern told ktvu, he thinks the story about a potential witness who may have stepped over a body on the stairs is made up. >> i certainly haven't heard anything credible to seems to seth that happened. >> how did lynne get into that stairwell? >> reporter: tonight, he told ktvu, information about a possible witness came directly to him from a doctorate the hospital. perry said the family wants all members of law enforcement to work together to find answers. >> all we know is that her body was neglected like a piece of trash on the stairwell in san francisco general for 17 days, and the organization charged with security. the sheriff's department has yet to give us any explanation for how that happened. >> reporter: san francisco general's spokesperson told ktvu, we stand by everything that we've said, and are continuing to cooperate with all investigations. we also reached out to the coroner today who would say only that
they just don't know if they'll be able to put this to a vote. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> unbelievable they're at this point again. jana is there any talk about a possibility of another strike? >> i asked both sides about this and both of them said that they really want to do everything they can to avoid a strike. right now though there are so many questions, they're just trying to focus on how to bridge this last minute glitch that has come up when they thought everything was all said and done. >> all right, jana. thanks very much. more details now the board of directors also said former chief negotiator thomas hoch is no longer associated with b.a.r.t. and b.a.r.t. will name a new chief negotiator. b.a.r.t. complained they were often absent from the talks until the very hard line when he was there. go to ktvu.com for more details on the guidelines and costs released by b.a.r.t. tonight. look for the top stories section. >>> happening now the final preparations are under way and in just hours the new fourth bore of the caldecut tunnel is expected to open to traffic.
with burns to the legs. >> it's sickening. somebody just trying to go to school and get home. you know, i don't know what we do. we've got to stop this. people don't act like this to each other. >> reporter: gil says he has spoken with sasha's parents, but not with sasha. he says he hopes to do that when the time is right. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> music, memories, and love filled the air tonight during a ceremony to honor slain members. community. it's meant to call attention to transgender people. a friend of one victim says more needs to be done to stop the violence. >> part of this community. i shouldn't have to wide, or walk in groups just to feel like we're safe. we're down here that we need to be up here, and be heard. >> mayors in san francisco and oakland declared november 20, transgender day of remembrance. >>> we have new information tonight on a shooting outside a nightclub in san francisco that killed one woman, and left another hospitalized in critical condition. late today, police gave us this picture of the suspected gunman. he is 23-year-old michael gree
. don't ever stop being who you are. if you ever want to go skirt shopping just say the word. still the skirt he wore may have triggered the attack. >> we see high rates of homicides, violence. >> the school says students are coping coping with the help of counseling. she said he is a top notch academic student. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news tonight from the other side of the pacific where early reports show three people have been killed by one of the strongest titunes on -- typhoons on record, super typhoon haiyan, winds at 195 miles per hour and gusts 235 miles per hour a. millions of people have been evacuated and they are predicting catastrophic damage. this is the 24th typhoon to hit this year. and the winds make it the equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. ktvu's bill martin is tracking the storm. >> this is a big storm. 195 winds. here is how it looks now as it moves through time. notice how well defined the eye is. it breaks down here. i will back it up. the system weakened a little bit as it moved through the fill phenes. wind gust --
. residents get slick. drivers get too close. >> it's going to take but 132 feet to stop. most people don't follow that fair back ever. >> reporter: with any luck, this rain will open the spigots for more. customers at this nursery have been saying, it's about time. >> people are tired of watering. they're seeing their water bills sky high. >> reporter: capturing water off a roof. a way to save it, in case we have to wait for rain again. reporting live in santa rosa, debra villalon. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> now to chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the arrival of the rain and how it will impact your morning commute. >>> the rain is heading our way. just north of debra right now. it will show you where the showers are, and where they're not. you can see everything pretty much north up here. all working its way south though, as we're talking about here, it's going to hit the morning commute. here's the computer model. this is 5:00 a.m. look at the bay area. most of it is covered with some wet weather. you're going to see some down on the peninsula as well. you've got a wet roadway. we
snapping all over the bay area. pg & e was in a scramble. >> usually i don't like to fly in heavy wind. it's not fun. >> reporter: winds were gusting at 30 miles per hour at buchanan field in concord. it brought pilots back to the hangers in a hurry. those who are caught in high winds are usually not eager to repeat it. >> it's not easy to maintain. >> reporter: to feel the gusts, here's our ride across the benecia bridge about an hour ago. definitely a high profile vehicle and wass was being tossed all the way across. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and more details now the strong wind also knocked over another large tree in oakland tonight injurying a man and damaging a car. the tree came down on 32nd street at around 7:20. the man was crossing the street when he was hit by some of the branches. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be all right. there are reports of lined down and power outages around the area and unfortunately my house is one of them. the largest outage is in sonoma. in oakland more than 20,000 are without power. danville has 1,200. millbrae abou
that some officers be held accountable. >> i live with them. none of them are criminal. they don't have criminal records. >> reporter: the altercation followed an argument that was captured on cell phone video. neighbors say 20-year-old williams was arrested for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk near his home. supporters say three other young men were roughed up by officers. >> bradford was among those police took into custody friday. he tell us he was released from jail just this morning. his mother defended him and the other young men. >> this doesn't help them. it's not stemmed down from what they're trying to do in life. >>> earlier today another young man orlando rodriguez shows us injuries he says were caused by police. rodriguez can be seen in an altercation with an officer in plain clothes. >> something has to be done about this. my lips looks like this. my mouth is beat up on the inside. it was unnecessary. i missed work for a week or so. >> reporter: greg suhr says the cell phone video has been forwarded to the office of city complaints which investigates allegations of polic
offender who don't have an address spent the night in a room. they were required to stay here. at the height of the trick or treating rush more than 50 men lined up here all parolees. sex offenders with crimes against children spent this halloween night off the street in one room in oakland. >> i've been on this since april 2009. >> reporter: willford lewis did time for aggravated assault with a weapon. but it was a lascivious act with a minor with a 13-year-old when he was 14 that has him here. other sex offenders who do have a home get a visit from parol agents to make sure they're not a magnet for trick or treaters. >> lights out, dark, go in the house. we don't want to see any halloween decorations, no candy. >> you know on the corner of san pablo. >> reporter: it's all part of operation boo. using gps to track all parol offenders. those at this transient center got a meal and counseling. they say their priority is to keep them off the streets. >> it makes it safer for the community. >> reporter: there are about 85 transient sex offenders on parol. many of them can't stay
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